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About the Process of Shipping a Vehicle Abroad

Whenever you have the need to ship a vehicle abroad, the best thing you can do is immediately look into shipping companies from the area in which you currently reside. Certainly, you will want to hire services that specialize in international transport. It is nearly impossible to conduct an overseas transport without the proper training, experience or equipment. Going through a qualified transporter is the most cost efficient and secure way to ship a vehicle.

Auto transport is a worldwide service available to everyone. It is such a convenient service that even dealerships and manufacturers take advantage of the shipping services offered by transporters. While it is obviously possible to get a vehicle to and from one location in the U.S. to another without the assistance of shipping services, it isn’t viable to transport a vehicle over vast ocean to reach its destination without suitable supervision and a freight ship.

What Types of Shipping Methods Will Be Available to Me?

The shipping methods available for international transports differ from the services offered for nationwide deliveries. Country to country shipping usually requires the use of freight ships and other various pieces of equipment designed to secure vehicles to a ship. This makes it impractical to offer the same services and it also shows why hiring a professional business with verifiable experience in overseas auto transports is extremely important. As you review the shipping companies nearby, you will notice the following shipping methods are available for overseas vehicle transport.

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Container Shipping: This method of vehicle transport is considered the most secure. It is a little more costly than its alternative, yet it provides more protection and leniencies. You will usually have your choice of two container sizes. Each container can fit an automobile and other smaller possession quite easily. Not only can you use the extra space in the container for your belongings, but the vehicle can also store your goods. All of your possessions within the container must be permitted into the country. This method allows two people to share a container which could ease the cost of shipping.

RO/RO Shipping: This method of transport is the least expensive yet very cost effective. The vehicle will be driven onto a flatbed ship for its shipping process and when it reaches port, it is driven off the ship. The vehicle must be in driving condition and completely empty of all possessions. The only articles allowed inside the vehicle are floor mats, a spare tire, and a car jack. Any extra weight will only raise the price of the transport.

The Added Protection and Security Offered by International Transport Companies

Every legitimate transport company will own the proper equipment and freight ships to conduct successful overseas auto transports. Their transporters will be trained and experienced in handling the process of shipping to foreign lands. Already, your vehicle is more secure with an overseas transport company such as A1AutoTransport Inc. overseeing the shipping process. However, this isn’t the only assurance you have to hold on to when it comes to your vehicle’s safe arrival into another country.

It is mandatory for transport companies to carry insurance coverage for the vehicles in their care. As a business, they must have their own insurance policy that offers protection to all the vehicles in the transport company’s possession at the time. Despite the fact that it is uncommon for vehicles to end up damaged during the shipping process, it isn’t unheard of. If you notice any harm done to the automobile after its arrival at port, inform the transport company right away. They will write out a report and help you file a claim. The insurance coverage will pay for any valid damages.