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Sea, wind and surf (Hawaii)

Pio Marasco, 40, neapolitan, fled Italy in search of the right location: one with sea and wind, infinite spaces, vast expanses of beach, and of the kind of waves the ‘beautiful country’, Italy, can’t offer. He found almost everything on Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii.

“Almost everything,” he says, “because my parents, who have always pushed me to pursue my dreams, aren’t with me. I left Italy almost twenty years ago when there was no internet. It was difficult to talk to them, you had to put a lot of coins in the slot, and half the time you got cut off. Now everything is easier. Italy felt restrictive. I didn’t have ideal conditions for surfing and windsurfing, and I never felt in tune with the lifestyle. I couldn’t stand how you couldn’t just be yourself, I didn’t want to do a job I was tired of the rest of my life. It happened to many of my friends. I wanted to do something that made me feel strong emotions.


For example, working with the sea. I knew that in Italy there were too many limitations around the lifestyle I had in mind. So, I gave up my country, and I started to travel.”

Allergic to study and work at home, but a footballer at a professional level for nineteen years, Pio has two activities in Hawaii, he’s a surfer and he is a musician of passion and dedication

”As a surfer I entered many competitions and I’ve toured worldwide. In ’96 I threw myself into a new adventure: my company, MFC HAWAII which produces accessories for windsurfing and surfing. We have grown enormously, we have a distribution centre in Europe and operate in forty-two countries. We are world leaders in our field.”