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Seeing Architecture and History in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, boasts some of the most unique architecture in the world. From towering, modern skyscrapers to historic villages, the UAE has a veritable wealth of architectural marvels. These buildings, both old and new, are tremendous feats in engineering, making it a must-see for  anyone interested in studying at a College of Engineering or those interested in seeing how and why things are built. Here are some of the finest examples of architecture in the UAE.

Cultural effects on architecture

The United Arab Emirate’s architecture is based on a combination of Islamic, Arabian, and Persian architecture. These serve as a reflection on the traditional lifestyle and customs of the people. For instance, due to the hot climate, there would be a central interior courtyard to which all the rooms opened to, allowing for more ventilation. In the coastal regions, since fossilized coral was readily available, it was used extensively for building. This has lead to a diversity in architecture, due to the regional materials available.


Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is a testament to what is achievable in modern architecture, while keeping the cultural roots intact. Standing at a whopping 829.8 m, this structure was designed from patterning systems found in Islamic architecture. As the Burj Khalifa rises, it becomes more slender, the same as the spiral minaret, a historical design aspect particular to the region.


The third largest emirate that makes up the UAE, Sharjah’s appeal lies not in the glitz, but in its cultural wealth. Walk through the heritage center and you’ll see examples of architecture that date back centuries. From old homes that have been painstakingly restored to the Al Hisn Fort, it’s one of those places that you learn or see something new around every corner. College of Engineering students have been known to make a special trip here, just to marvel at the buildings and structures.

Sharjah University

Traveling and visiting new sites is not only is a wonderful cultural experience, it’s a great way to learn. You’ll meet new people, see new things, and also learn how things can be done differently than what we are used to. There truly is no better way to expand your knowledge, than to go and experience them up close for yourself.